Things kids love to do.

My teeny weeny munchkin has a to do things list everyday, which seems like oxygen for him . Quite literally!!He wishes to explore a material with his hands, nose,mouth,legs without even realising an iota of the repercussions that are bound to follow!

 Will share a few of his riveting activities. 

Hunkering down in an unexpected place,such as a closet or under a table. Trying on all the shoes kept in the house. Pouring water between containers at the kitchen counters. His heart skips a beat every time I turn on the water purifier. His excitement bounces off the wall on seeing the water flow!

Sticking and unsticking stickers! On your shirt,on your cheek,on the walls or wherever his hands go!                      Banging pots and pans really really loud!   Sitting in front of an open cupboard or drawer (by chance if I forget to close it) and messing around with every thing that was once in apple pie order.  

Running around with all the washcloths in the house. Squeezing and squishing the ketchup bottle. He even sweeps up with a little dust pan. Tearing up paper gives him unmeasurable satisfaction and drives us nuts.                                                   These are some of the things he does on daily basis. Kind of his mundane affairs. I guess he is out and busy painting the town red!!


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  1. Your reflections remind me of a time when my son was first adopted at 5. He has nonverbal autism, and so figuring out his needs wasn’t always easy, especially at first. Our learning curve as first time parents was very deep! One particular afternoon I quickly called a friend and asked if she could take him for a couple of hours so I could get a needed break. She agreed and I rushed him over, forgetting his shoes. It was a beautiful summer day, so it didn’t matter until time for him to come home. I forgot I’d brought him without shoes and asked him to get them and put them on. He came back and few minutes later without shoes. I asked again, and the same thing happened. The third time my voice became more stern. So, he figured he’d better find some shoes, quickly! He found my friend’s husband’s shoes and socks , put them on, and toddled over to me as best he could with a look that said, “Did I do okay?” I felt badly as I then remembered he had no shoes, but marveled at his ingenuity! Thanks for the opportunity to remember this special moment.


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