Let kids fly

Today I am going to share some random thoughts that cropped up in my mind recently. As you are aware Independence Day is approaching, I see a lot of bright and colourful kites fluttering high in the sky. This kite flying practice, made me ponder that if we let loose a kite with the wind, it takes a fearless and independent flight rising gradually and slowly. It hovers over the trees, dances with sheer joy in the limitless sky. Not forgetting the fact that a kite can soar the sky, only if it’s connection with the ground is not lost! 

Same school of thought apply to kids. Kids in the beginning are naive, unworldly, unpretentious with spirits so high that they are ready to fly, (literally) at the drop of a hat! 

They are attached with the strings of love, affection, freedom and tender care. The thread of bonding between a parent and a child is similar to the thread of kite flying. You have to set them free to fly high and explore the world; carefully keeping an eye on the thread from the behind. The way a kite needs room to sail with its flowing tail, a child needs space to grow with gentle tending. The thread needs to be pulled and released as and when required. 

Liberate kids from the unnecessary shackles of life. Don’t chain them instead let them chase and create their own space. Teach them that the thread of bonding should never snap, coz if it happens then the kite loses its controls and falls flat on the ground. In the same manner, the eternal bond between a parent and a child should be grown and nurtured everyday. These are memories to be cherished lifelong!  


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  1. Penning ones thoughts and feelings is the best tool every individual is gifted with, but only few can recognize and articulate it. Beautifully expressed!!!!

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