Kids do teach !!

As they say being a mom is not a child’s play, it’s so apt isn’t it. Because you have a child that plays you according to his whims and fancies. Sixteen months into this motherhood thing, guess I have come a long way ; but still have miles to go before I sleep. 
Today I am going to share tiny little things or you may say lessons that’s stirring in my heart.  
My little monster has taught me to have my meals in a jiffy. I have mastered the art of walking around the house without tumbling over the ever scattered toys. 

According to him, a short or I must say a very short power nap is all you need to be-rejuvenated and back to work.  

Never nurse grudges in your heart, it takes a balloon or a chocolate to forget all reprimands that he received a while ago. 

He has taught me to sleep with the tiniest area on the bed. Quite literally!! Coz he believes in curling and swirling all over the bed throughout the night. 

Talking about strength, he being so tiny puts all his blood and sweat to pick up a laptop or something even heavier. He teaches me to be strong enough to cry out the bad days and welcome the new ones with a smile. 

Patience is “the” word. Trying to teach a toddler what is wrong and right; and not to drop the plate twentieth time can make anyone lose their sanity. But I have learnt breathing in and out and saying ‘let it go’ all the while. 

He believes in taking risks and trusting his intuition. If it works in his favour, he seems to have conquered the world; if it doesn’t he will try again! Never give up is what he is trying to teach. 

This is just the beginning, am sure there are lots in store. 


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8 thoughts on “Kids do teach !!”

  1. Well said…. basically kids do teach multi tasking…. on toes day n night …. kids dont give u choices…. Yes Patience is the word which ur kids teaches u the most….lol….. watever they but kids r lifelines…. one thing more kids teaches us ” never give up”


  2. Your lessons made me chuckle as they took me back to those days. The lessons I’m learning now as a Mom of 18-25 year old sons are still as powerful. Keep learning, and keep sharing. You write well!


  3. Not yet into motherhood but seems like its quite an enriching experience to be a mother. It makes ‘one’ more patient and forgiving 🙂 Way to go Bharti!

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