My little bundle of joy.

Once upon a time, we lead a carefree , easygoing and buoyant life. But things changed or should I say our lives changed when God sent my little prince to bring me immense joy and happiness.                    

Everything went topsy-turvy. Our bundle of happiness had entered the world. We were ecstatic and it was a mixed bag of emotions and nervousness. When I first saw him, those sparkling eyes and teeny weeny hands and feet cozily wrapped, melted my heart. 

It has been a long journey since then & I am sure it is going to be continued forever. Those traumatic sleepless nights, frustration, irritation were ( or should I say are) extremely challenging .

But as they say with great powers comes great responsibilities. As I have been bestowed upon the power of being a mother , the responsibility has elevated. Now slowly and steadily we have got a hang of him and vice-versa. 

He simply melts the cockles of my heart when he utters the word “Mumma”. He teaches us a lot of things. To name a few; always be curious, be happy for no rhyme and reason, enjoy the little joys of life and keep trying hard to achieve your goal. 

He is a ball of fire who keeps me on my toes. His itsy-bitsy stunts are a delight to watch. Playing peek a boo means the world to him. Throwing things around is a new and enjoyable activity that never fails to bore him. Sometimes we are at our wit’s end. 

Playing with toys lasts no longer than five-seven minutes. He believes in exploring the world his way. Fiddling with kitchen drawers and switch boards, messing with food are his favourite playtime activities. He feels to have achieved a milestone after this!! 

I wish I could bottle it all up to remember it forever coz he is my Prince Charming who gave birth to a mother in me. 

Thank you my son.                                      Love you to the moon and back !!


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12 thoughts on “My little bundle of joy.”

  1. Bharti ….. wowwww beautifuly written…. you expressed each n every movement so nicely that touches my heart too n made me re-flashed my time of 3 years ago wen Myra came in my life….. Garvv keep rocking n wish your activities increases day by day …. so that your mom keep writing n expressing her feelings…. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


  2. You are always magical with words u are the perfect poetry reciter as I know from our school , I have seen and grown up with you and have seen so many shades of ur personality, u are the amalgamation of a beautiful colours of life . As a mother u are brilliant and ur pride is doubled by ur super cute boy Garv . Keep up urself as u are keep growing.


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